A friend of mine from up in QLD sent me this guitar to check out, so I gave it a good play to see what it could do. Check out the youtube video above to hear it in action with some clean and dirty tones. This guitar is his version of the famous Gibson Les Paul, with some slight twists on the original. Here are the specs of the guitar:

Mahogany body

Maple neck and cap

Rosewood fretboard

Grover tuners

CTS pots

Luxe bumblebee capacitors

Brierley pickups (A2 magnets – 12K bridge, 7.4K neck)

Aluminium tailpiece

Nashville bridge

The guitar has a couple of cool features that aren’t found on a Gibson Les Paul. It’s got a contour on the back of the body (like a stratocaster), which makes it more comfortable to play when sitting down. There’s also a contour near the neck heel, making it a little bit easier to get to those high frets.

The neck on this one isn’t as big and chunky as my Gibson LP Studio, which makes it a bit friendlier to play faster lines on. It sounds nice and fat like a Les Paul should, and with the current strings on it (9’s) it plays great. The top has a nice subtle flame to it and looks really nice. The pearl style inlays add a nice touch, although I must admit I do prefer the bigger trapezoid style inlays on a Les Paul.

68 Guitars do custom guitars made to your specs, so you can change the features to suit your tastes.

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